Find My League

Simply enter an address and our database will find the league that the address resides in. Useful for parents looking for leagues for their children, leagues that need to validate residency at registration and various other uses.
See the features list for more detail about options available.

With the limited resources available online for parents and participants to find their local league, we have created this functionality to make it easier to point folks interested in baseball & softball programs to the correct league.  This has proven very useful and has alleviated a large amount of work especially in the more densely populated areas of Washington State over the past few years.

League registrars have also used this at their on-site registrations to do real-time validation of players residency and has helped save money in merchant processing fees for players who attempt to sign up for the wrong league.

Much like the boundary functionality, this can also be added to your league's or district's website.  Please contact us for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The boundaries found on this website are compiled by volunteers based upon publicly available information. THESE ARE NOT THE OFFICIAL, APPROVED BOUNDARIES as per Little League rules, on file with the Little League. For the official league boundaries, please contact the individual league for confirmation.

Mapped Boundaries

League Boundaries

State Boundaries
Alaska 17
Alberta 17
Arizona 93
British Columbia 26
California - Northern 242
California - Southern 345
Colorado 13
Connecticut 16
Deleware 19
District of Columbia 6
Florida 128
Georgia 18
Hawaii 7
Idaho 21
Illinois 19
Indiana 32
Iowa 28
Kentucky 3
Louisiana 3
Maine 2
Maryland 22
Massachusetts 7
Michigan 37
Minnesota 8
Montana 26
Nebraska 6
Nevada 27
New Hampshire 3
New Jersey 25
New Mexico 17
New York 78
North Carolina 26
Ohio 5
Oklahoma 2
Ontario 19
Oregon 57
Pennsylvania 111
Rhode Island 9
Saskatchewan 2
South Carolina 4
South Dakota 2
Tennessee 4
Texas - East 86
Texas - West 67
Utah 2
Virginia 56
Washington 129
West Virginia 3
Wisconsin 9
Wyoming 20